Tech Trends To NOT Expect In 2022

by Carolyn Mathas

The ABI Research’s 2022 Trend Report identifies the 35 key technology trends that will deliver in 2022 – and the 35 that won’t. Several highly anticipated advancements include the metaverse, mainstream companion robots, a boom in edge computing, and a bounce back in new vehicle sales. But, let’s concentrate on the latter.

In its new whitepaper, 70 Technology Trends That Will—and Will Not—Shape 2022, 35 ABI Research blames most of the failures on the existence and aftermath of COVID-19.

What won’t happen includes:

  • The Metaverse Will Not Arrive Fully Formed
  • The Exponential Boom in Edge Computing Will Not Come to Fruition
  • Companion Robotics Will Not Go Mainstream
  • New Vehicle Sales Will Not Bounce Back
  • No Relief from Semiconductor Shortage

For more trends that won’t happen in 2022, and the 35 trends that will, download the whitepaper, 70 Technology Trends That Will—and Will Not—Shape 2022.

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