The Future of eMobility: High-power charging solutions

by Nicolette Emmino

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Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations recharge vehicles by connecting to the electricity source. The limited driving range of EVs is one of the major factors hindering the explosive growth of this market. Both technology improvements inside the xEV and improvements to the charging infrastructure are critical.

One trend propelling more widespread adoption is DC charge stations. DC charge stations facilitate the supply of direct power to a vehicle’s battery. Reducing limitations from on-board chargers, fast charging and smart energy management enhance the attractiveness of e-mobility.

During this live discussion, we will explore the general market trends in the DC EV charging market and focus on bi-directional charging and their respective business cases. In addition, our expert panelists will address technical challenges such as long lifetime, dust management, the total cost of ownership (TCO), and how e-mobility can enable a sustainable energy market.

What You’ll Learn:
• Application trends in the DC EV charging market
• Bi-directionality and respective business cases
• Technical challenges
• Integration in energy storage solutions
• How can e-mobility enable a sustainable energy market?

Our Experts:

Daniel Makus, Global Application Manager XEV and EV Charging Infrastructure, Infineon Technologies AG

Elisabeth Preuss, Global Application Manager EV Charging, Solar and UPS, Infineon Technologies AG

Pradip Chatterjee, Global System Architect, DC EV Charging, Infineon Technologies AG

Bill Soule, VP of Marketing, Sona Energy Solutions

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