TIA’s QuEST Forum Releases Critical Supply Chain Security Standard SCS

by Carolyn Mathas

The Telecommunications Industry Association released the world’s first supply chain security standard, SCS 9001, to measure and verify supplier trust and protect digital infrastructure. Developed specifically for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry SCS 9001 covers all ICT industry products, including software, hardware, and the services that connect to our global networks. SCS 9001 was officially approved for release on December 31, 2021, after 20 months of work by TIA’s QuEST Forum Supply Chain Security Working Group and its subcommittees.

SCS 9001 is a process-based standard with an independent audit and certification program for suppliers and service providers to verify that critical security controls and processes are in place. The standard is unique because they built it around a Quality Management System (QMS), operationalizing industry guidelines and best practices.

To learn more about SCS 9001, CLICK HERE

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