Tidelift Catalogs for Open-Source Supply Chain Health

by Carolyn Mathas

Tidelift announced the general availability of Tidelift catalogs so that organizations can consistently manage the health and security of their open-source software supply chain. Catalogs, included with a Tidelift subscription, provide a comprehensive approach to curating, tracking, and managing the open-source components used for application development, while setting and enforcing usage policies.

With Tidelift, organizations can accelerate development and reduce security and licensing-related risk, developers can eliminate the fear of late-breaking deployment blockers, and standards can be set and automatically enforced early in the development lifecycle. The Tidelift subscription integrates with existing source code and repository management tools—developers don’t need to change their workflow.

Tidelift also introduced the first set of Tidelift-managed catalogs, giving organizations a head start on building a paved path of approved components for development teams to use. Developers can access Tidelift-managed catalogs of known-good, proactively maintained components covering common language frameworks like JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET, and Rust, backed by Tidelift and its partnered maintainers

The announcement addresses software supply chain security so that organizations know where trustworthy software components come from.

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