TruckPay Introduces Logistics Payments Using Cryptocurrencies

by Carolyn Mathas

TruckPay announced that cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar Lumens, can be used to facilitate payments on both its TruckPay Fleet Management and MyTruckScales platforms.

The company cites Tesla preparing to accept Bitcoin as payment as the motivation for accepting cryptocurrencies to pay subcontractors and independent owner-operators if they choose.

Benjamin Honig, TruckPay’s CTO indicated that he appreciates how cryptocurrencies can be used to help serve underbanked drivers and contractor companies, especially those in Latin-America and Africa, that have unstable fiat currencies.

By offering its customers cryptocurrencies as an additional payment method, combined with multi-lingual and multi-metric features, TruckPay claims it will be able to fully realize its goal of making our products accessible to any job-creating company, subcontractor, driver, and truck scale owner anywhere in the world.”

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