VCC’s Crisis ColLAB Offers Design and Engineering Services for Medical Equipment Providers

by Ruth Seeley

Hopefully one of the positives that will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic is a new spirit of collaboration and innovation that will allow us to use the technology we’ve developed for the greater good. Many individuals are doing what they can to try to help neighbors during this period of quarantines and social isolation. Businesses as well are stepping up their efforts to meet supply gaps we may have anticipated but not planned for.

One of these is Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized global leader in the illuminated electronics market with advanced indication and HMI solutions. The company is looking to partner with medical manufacturers to combat COVID-19 by seeking medical equipment providers and OEMs in need of help designing and prototyping solutions to combat the virus. 

VCC’s extensive design capabilities can support the medical community through: 

  • Expertise in engineering design for medical equipment
  • An experienced and highly motivated team of mechanical and electrical product designers and engineers
  • Design software for creating and testing solutions
  • 3D printing know-how and machinery
  • Proven performance in designing and prototyping PCB assemblies, light engines, and other electronic components

“We can’t just sit idly by during this crisis, innovation is key to making progress against COVID-19. And our team has the skills and capabilities to partner with medical equipment providers to make a difference on the front lines,” said VCC Vice President of Sales Thomas Macon.

Here’s how to apply for help:

OEMs and medical equipment providers can complete a form found here. The team will quickly review the application and formulate an action plan.

To learn more about the initiative or request design help to combat COVID-19, visit the VCC crisis collaboration site.

Ongoing updates related to the pandemic and VCC’s response for employees, customers, partners, and the community can be found here

San Diego-based VCC produces LED-based components, solutions and customer service for commercial and industrial markets including aerospace, medical devices, telecom, transportation, people movers, IoT indication, hospitality, and architectural lighting solutions.

Source: VCC

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