Live Chat | Advancements in Battery Technology and Battery Chargers Accelerate Automation and Unlock Creativity

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From warehouse robots to delivery robots to automated golf carts, automation is an integral part of our lives. When it comes to designing these robots, engineering considerations range from structure and heat transfer characteristics, to control electronics, to computer hardware. But one of the most critical considerations that we’ve seen advance significantly and shape the robotics landscape is that of power. We talk about automation a lot, but how do we power our automated devices, and how do we charge that power? Of course, we must also consider security issues, as well as which batteries are right for specific applications, and how do we keep those batteries charged. These days we see the Lithium battery market growing significantly due to broader acceptance as a result of the batteries’ size and weight, linear discharge capabilities, speed of recharge, and safety. In this discussion, we’ll chat with the power experts to learn more about battery and charger advancements and how they’re unlocking creativity across the robotics industry.

– Industry challenges when it comes to providing power in robotics applications.
– Battery and charger advancements changing the robotics industry.
– Real-world examples of robots harnessing the power of these advancements.
– Standard and custom power solutions that are unlocking creativity among engineers.

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