Advantech Partners with MOV.AI to Accelerate Autonomous Mobile Robots

by Rae Beyer

Advantech and MOV.AI are partnering to speed up the time it takes for service providers and manufacturers to deploy the most effective Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs). Advantech brings its expertise in hardware design and manufacturing, and MOV.AI will include its expertise in ROS-based software. The partnership aims to expedite the AMR time-to-value for faster and more efficient deployment.

The partnership will provide robot manufacturers and integrators access to cutting-edge industrial computing technology and a powerful software platform for building, deploying, and running intelligent robots.

According to Interact Analysis, shipments of mobile robots increased 53% in 2022 and are projected to grow at an annual rate of approximately 50% through 2027, a total of 4 million installed units. Revenue is expected to grow by 30-40% annually between 2022 and 2027. Only 14% of warehouses had adopted at least one order fulfillment AMR as of 2021.

The MOV.AI ROS-based Robotics Engine Platform delivers the necessary enterprise-grade software and tools for advanced automation, including navigation, localization, and calibration. It features a visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on ROS and off-the-shelf algorithms and integrations. Additionally, the platform offers interoperable fleet management, flexible interfaces with warehouse environments such as ERP and WMS, and cyber-security compliance.

Advantech offers edge computers optimized for computing performance, functionality, and ease of deployment. The computers are powered by the latest Intel processors with strong I/O flexibility to deliver optimal efficiency in such vertical markets as automation, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and transportation.

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