AI in Supply Chain Market Poised to Grow

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UnivDatos Markets Insights published its Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Market: Current Analysis and Forecast (2022-2028) report, predicting growth at a CAGR of approximately 46%, reaching 35 billion USD by 2028.

AI in supply chains helps deliver the optimization needed for accurate capacity planning, improved productivity, high quality, lower costs, and greater output while fostering safer working conditions. AI investments reached 881 USD in 2020.

Key market players such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Intel, Nvidia, Oracle, and Samsung are investing heavily, helping to drive steady growth in the market.

The report focuses on fleet management, supply chain planning, and warehouse management, particularly in the automotive, retail, consumer-packaged goods, and food and beverage industries, among others. It looks at the impact of COVID-19 and separates its insights by application, end-user, and region. It also covers market dynamics, opportunities, and trends, segmenting for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world.

Key questions resolved through this analytical market research report include:

  • What are the latest trends, new patterns, and technological advancements in artificial intelligence in the supply chain market?
  • Which factors are influencing artificial intelligence in supply chain market over the forecast period?
  • What are the global challenges, threats, and risks in artificial intelligence in supply chain market?
  • Which factors are propelling and restraining artificial intelligence in supply chain market?
  • What are the demanding global regions of artificial intelligence in supply chain market?
  • What will be the global market size in the upcoming years?
  • What are the crucial market acquisition strategies and policies applied by global companies?

For more information, you can order a report sample, or the report as a whole, here: Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Market – Size, Growth (2022-2028) (

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