IVEY PMI November 2018

Canadian Purchasing Managers Index Report: November 2018

by Nicolette Emmino

Monthly Comment from Professor P. Fraser Johnson, Director of the Ivey Purchasing Managers Index

The Ivey Purchasing Managers Index (seasonally adjusted) by the end of November 2018 stood at 57.2. The corresponding figure for November 2017 was 63.0 and for November 2016 was 56.8.

IVEY November2018
(Image Credit: Ivey PMI)

The Employment index (seasonally adjusted) for November 2018 stood at 54.1; Inventories (seasonally adjusted) 55.0; Supplier Deliveries (seasonally adjusted) were 40.8; and Prices were 63.7.

The Ivey PMI unadjusted data for the month of November 2018 is 57.3; Employment 53.4; Inventories 53.9; Supplier Deliveries 41.3; and Prices 61.5.

The Ivey Purchasing Managers Index (seasonally adjusted) by the end of October 2018 stood at 61.8. The corresponding figure for October 2017 was 63.8 and for October 2016 was 59.7.  The Employment index (seasonally adjusted) for October 2018 stoodat 54.3; Inventories (seasonally adjusted) 60.9; Supplier Deliveries (seasonally adjusted) were 43.8; and Prices were 72.6.

The Ivey Purchasing Managers Index shows responses to one question: “Were your purchases last month in dollars higher, the same, or lower than the previous month?”

A figure above 50 shows an increase while below 50 shows a decrease.

About the Ivey Purchasing Managers Index

The Ivey Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is an economic index which measures the month to month variation in economic activity as indicated by a panel of purchasing managers from across Canada, and is prepared by the Ivey Business School. Using end of the month data it covers all sections of Canada’s economy.

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