CEO warns supply chains to up their game post COVID-19

by Carolyn Mathas

David Rajakovich of Skill Dynamics warns that the result of the pandemic has been a wake-up call for supply chain and procurement management. Rajakovich claims that, in the ‘new normal’, supply chains are more sophisticated and global, it’s important that companies map their supply chains in-depth to maximize revenue assurance and not just cost savings.

In these vulnerable times, stockpiling has led to huge disruption in supply chain management. Therefore, disruption-related metrics will be needed to evaluate suppliers.

Skill Dynamics is an eLearning platform for procurement and supply chain training, used by more than 300,000 corporate employees. Rajakovich cites an increase of nearly 250% in training demand as managers quickly realized employees needed professional support because of the increase in worldwide remote work.

With over 520+ corporate clients, and operating in 100 countries, Procurement and Supply Chain Academies has entered this brave new world with a whole new identity: merging all of its role-based digital procurement and supply chain training programs into one united brand – Skill Dynamics. The focus of the company is on procurement and supply chain professional development and keeping up to date with all the latest tools, technologies and processes.

Original Source: PR Newswire


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