Implementing an API is Easy (No, Really)

by Rae Beyer

As a purchasing pro, grappling with thought-provoking challenges and getting in on company strategy is what you do. Your time is worth more than cutting and pasting part numbers.

You need better and faster ways to find the parts you need. Keeping numerous distributor websites open (along with aggregators and manufacturers’ sites) while copying and pasting part numbers won’t cut it anymore.

We’ve talked about automation before, but let’s dive deeper into APIs.

We toss the term around a lot, without even realizing we use APIs in so much of what we do (like the API at work behind the scenes of our most frequented social media sites).

Why not let an API make your job more efficient, too?

Mouser’s API is easy to implement. In just minutes, you’ll be able to set up a MyMouser account and receive your Mouser Search API key.

From there, you’ll get with the technical team at your company and give them this email address so they can reach out and sort through the technical details.

Then, get ready for speed and convenience. Once the API is in place, Mouser inventory gets fed into your ERP system and updated in real time. The API does all the work; not you!

Take a look at how it works.

Part numbers and quantity are nothing more than data. In the background, your API-enabled system sends a call for this data to Mouser. Mouser securely sends this information back to your system with current stock quantity and pricing. We don’t want customers checking price and availability multiple times a day. We would prefer they make a call when they need the information.

Now head over to Mouser’s website to get started.

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