Marelli and DHL Supply Chain aim for world-class logistics

by Carolyn Mathas

Marelli, a Tier 1 global automotive supplier, just signed a five-year service agreement with DHL, to transform its supply chain operations in North America. The DHL partnership will not only provide Marelli with access to best practices, skilled experts and the latest technology, it will free up valuable resources for greater focus on fundamental business development.

DHL will have complete oversight of the company’s regional supply chain operations. Expectations are that transportation costs will be greatly reduced by eliminating multiple carriers and improving saturation rates, resulting in fewer carbon emissions. Dramatic efficiency and visibility improvements are expected.

Marelli is a global independent supplier to the automotive sector, which has experienced several challenges in 2021 including semiconductor shortages, potential revisions to fuel economy standards and the rise of all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles worldwide. Most automakers are still reeling from 2020 and the effects of the pandemic where sales fell approximately 15% year over year.

Original Release: PR Newswire

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