Multi-Sensor Modules Ease Indoor Agriculture Challenges

by Nicolette Emmino

Multi-sensor modules, such as TE Connectivity’s AmbiMate, are simplifying the engineering involved in the global enterprise of controlled-environment agriculture (popularly known as vertical farming).

“Behind the high yields that vertical farming generates are some leading-edge electronic engineering developments that include wireless sensorsmesh networking, and cloud connectivity. The infrastructure is vital for the success of a CEA enterprise, but it adds costs due to the complex and time-consuming design, commission, and configuration. The engineering expertise required to build and the costs to purchase today’s CEA limits its adoption to large, rich organizations and discourages the spread of the technology to places where it could have the highest impact, such as in the developing world. However, electronics manufacturers are working hard to change this trend by introducing products that combine multiple sensors, which are essential for successful vertical farming, into a single module, making it much easier to implement and shave down costs.”

Mouser Electronics

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