New Guidance for Measuring Recycled Content of Automotive Products

by Carolyn Mathas

Just released, a new guidance document, “Measuring Recycled Content of Automotive Products,” a collaborative effort by the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment’s (SP) Materials Efficiency Work Group and the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).

The document offers a straightforward approach for measuring recycled content of automotive products consistent with those approaches outlined in other standards. SP and AIAG recommend that automotive companies reference the definitions and process outlined in this guidance and distribute the document widely across the automotive supply chain as best practice guidance when determining recycled content of an automotive product.  A companion guidance document outlining a common process for measuring renewable content of automotive products will be released soon.

SP’s Materials Efficiency Work Group intends to build on learnings from this process to address common definitions for additional aspects related to sustainable materials where needed and continuing collaboration with AIAG and other industry organizations with shared interests in improving the sustainability of the automotive supply chain. The guidance document is available to download at no cost at and

Original Release: PR Newswire 

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