The Top 10 CISO Skills for 2024

by Carolyn Mathas

I’m always looking for surveys and news about what you need to know to do your job. The following list comes from Carnegie Melon University, and after reading the ten skills recommended, I felt it was important to pass on. This info is particularly pertinent for chief information security officers (COSOs) but is an important read for anyone in top management.

Collected by Greg Touhill, director of the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon, and written up as a blog, I will give you the list and suggest you take a deep dive by clicking on that link!

Touhill advises:

  • Master AI Before It Masters You
  • Better Understand the Business of the Business
  • Improve Communication with the Board and C-Suite
  • Manage Risk Using Advanced Metrics and Risk Quantification
  • Think Beyond Enterprise IT
  • Improve Understanding and Management of Supply Chain Risks
  • Master the Art of Negotiation
  • Promote Collaboration and Information Sharing
  • Practice Critical and Strategic Thinking
  • Recapitalize for Competitive Advantage

This list represents valuable information, especially given today’s environment of generative artificial intelligence, the proliferation of deepfakes, and the instability that surrounds us all.

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