There’s Four New Capabilities for the AWS Supply Chain

by Carolyn Mathas

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced four new capabilities for AWS Supply Chain to help customers achieve greater supply chain optimization. The new capabilities, available in 2024, expand the existing data lake, demand planning, and machine learning (ML)-powered insights. New supply planning, collaboration, sustainability, and generative AI capabilities will support upstream supply chain processes, including supplier orders.

AWS Supply Chain targets new customers, including manufacturers.

  • AWS Supply Chain Supply Planning offers specialized models to forecast and plan the purchase of raw materials, components accurately, and finished goods to improve in-stock rates across customers’ supply chains
  • AWS Supply Chain N-Tier Visibility helps customers publish forecasts and confirm orders with multiple tiers of suppliers, improving the accuracy of planning and execution of processes
  • AWS Supply Chain Sustainability provides a single, auditable way to request and collect carbon emissions and other compliance data from suppliers
  • Amazon Q, a generative AI-powered assistant in AWS Supply Chain that can summarize and highlight key risks and visualize “what if” scenarios to optimize supply chain decisions

Supply chain leaders constantly address the challenge of coordinating with many different layers of trading partners, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Each has its own data stores that require expensive customizations and long development cycles or manual workarounds for integration. With the new AWS Supply Chain capabilities, customers can more easily manage their upstream supply chain, more accurately forecast needed materials and inventory, communicate with suppliers to confirm supply plans and get accurate data about key environmental factors.

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