Total Oilfield Asset Management Results from B&J Wholesale/TRCW Merger

by Ruth Seeley

Houston-based oilfield equipment supplier B&J Wholesale, a company that provides gate valves, FRAC components and drill through equipment to FRAC valve and pressure control companies has recently merged with Humble, TX’s TRCW.

By merging with TRCW, B&J will now be able to offer one-stop-shopping to exploration and production (E&P) operators who need equipment, repair, remanufacturing, cladding, welding, and fabrication. The merger will shorten repair cycles and avoid downtime. B&J provides gate valves, FRAC components and drill through equipment to FRAC valve and pressure control companies, who in turn service U.S. and international E&P operators.

It keeps thousands of parts on hand available for immediate delivery so that customers are not forced to wait the long timeframes of international suppliers, but in merging with TRCW will be able to add remanufacturing and oilfield equipment repairs. TRCW specializes in cladding/overlay, welding and fabrication and serves surface and subsea applications, with a strong focus on large bore high-pressure gate valves.

TRCW fabricates subsea frames, jumper, manifold skids and ROV panels and serves many of the largest U.S. oilfield services companies.

“Customers need better options than what are available today,” said James Kiser, B&J’s CEO. “They have to worry too much about having the right equipment, at the right time for their customers. We are changing this. With the combined business, we can manage clients’ complete equipment programs, giving them assurance they will have what they need and not miss out on revenue opportunities. The combination of these two industry leading companies creates a cradle to grave option for our clients.”

The merger means the company will have new capital to invest in innovative technology and engineering and will hopefully drive efficiency, reduce costs and extend the life of equipment.

Source:  B&J Wholesale

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