BrightLoop and GaN Collab for Smaller, High-performance Converters

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 GaN Systems and BrightLoop Converters are partnering up to innovate with AC/DC and DC/DC converters for electric motorsports and aerospace applications.

The companies will use GaN Systems’ 650V GaN transistors in conjunction with BrightLoop’s new, second-generation offering. Converters power low-voltage electronics including pumps, lighting, and radio.

Brightloop’s most recent converters use GaN transistors for high-power performance and reliability. These DCDC converters, including the 1.9 kW, 4.8 kW, and 9.6 kW DCDC converters, are smaller, lighter, and more efficient than Brightloop’s first generation.

Formula E teams use BrightLoop’s DCDC converters, including the 2019 champions. The World Sporting Consulting (WSC) Group, which oversees Touring Car Racing (TCR) and ETCR (Electric Touring Car Racing) brands, will exclusively use BrightLoop DCDC converters with GaN transistors for ETCR cars. ETCR is the world’s first electric touring car championship. Races begin this summer, 2020.

BrightLoop will soon unveil the 5 kW ACDC power factor correction (PFC) for aerospace applications later next year. It also uses GaN Systems transistors.

For more information about GaN Systems and BrightLoop’s collaboration, download the case study here.

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