Caught Exporting 300+ Technology Shipments to Russia

by Carolyn Mathas

It’s no wonder, with all of the sanctions on technology export to a handful of countries, that there will be several examples of criminal activities. Here’s one of them. A couple from Montreal and a man from Brooklyn, New York, were arrested in a case involving more than 300 illegal shipments to Russia.

The haul? Pretty impressive: approximately 10 million dollars of electronics and other technologies. The electronics were recovered from helicopters, missiles, tanks, and other Russian equipment seized in Ukraine.

The parties, Salimdzhon Nasriddinov, 52, Nikolay Goltsev, 37, and Kristina Puzyreva, 32, were charged with smuggling, conspiracy to violate sanctions and wire fraud. Nasriddinov, arrested in Brooklyn, had thousands of semiconductors and other electronics in his home. The defendants are said to be aware that the electronics had military uses.

The activity started in January 2022 with Brooklyn-based SH Brothers and SN Electronics arranging shipments of electronic components and ICs purchased from U.S. companies.

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