Deterministic Infinity Nodes Meet Blockchain FTP for Decentralized Cloud Storage

by Carolyn Mathas

Decentralized cloud data storage platform SINOVATE is developing Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN), its own blockchain technology. Working with Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS), the solution creates a new consensus system with what SINOVATE claims are unprecedented security levels.

Current challenges for mainstream cloud data providers include consistent data breaches that expose sensitive information and Blockchain alternatives that have problems with token inflation. SINOVATE’s Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN) interact seamlessly with Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS), through a Blockchain-based File Transfer Protocol (bFTP).

The Deterministic Infinity Nodes use a unique Proof of Burn (PoB) feature to burn a specific amount of SIN across the 12-month node lifespan. This counters inflation by reducing the amount of SIN in circulation while creating a new proof of transaction type called BurnTx.

Legacy masternode-based networks are currently susceptible to vulnerabilities and attacks. Infinity nodes solve the new deterministic algorithm, lock/reward, and PoB to bring provably fair deterministic rewards, with bulletproof network stability.

SINOVATE brought online its Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN) 1.0, at block 550,000. The network will consist of more than 1,800 DIN for greater data storage capacity. There are currently more than 1,400 nodes running on the network and 5,000 nodes will be added in 2021.

IDS is being developed carefully to allow a fully secure and reliable network for a worldwide decentralized Cloud (Cloud 3.0). This demands the development of a variety of technical features. The first development planned is that IDS will give the possibility to use the functionality DataStore to save a file in the DIN of the blockchain, send mails with an unprecedented blockchain-based mailing system, or write to your recipients in a fully secure and anonymous environment with SIN Mobile messenger.

SINOVATE will go beyond to provide security, decentralization, and efficiency by updating the blockchain to the Bitcoin core 0.21 and by delivering a fourth generation of Proof-of-Stake (PoS4) built in-house that will allow adding passive incomes alongside DIN and the HCO program.

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