How Data Drives the Industrial Automation Processes

by Nicolette Emmino

In this live panel discussion, we’re going to chat with the experts about how data is driving decisions and touches every element of the automation process. From infrastructure (including ethernet infrastructure) to remote access to device connectivity and the power systems behind it all, we’ll dive deep into the power of data and its critical role within the Industrial Internet of Things. As a bonus, we’ll touch on the key products and solutions you should know about.

What You’ll Learn:
– How to get started, how to get access to “data”, how to setup your network, etc.
– The role of data in decision-making and how that data touches every element of the automation process.
– How to better understand what the “data” is telling you
– Understanding hardware protocols vs wireless vs cellular and what’s the best approach for you.
– Key products and solutions driving IIoT.
– How Phoenix Contact is driving success and helping business better utilize IIoT
– Industry trends and new technologies that are driving the future including single pair ethernet (SPE), fiber, 5G, and WiFi 6.
– Protocols: What’s being used in 2021.
– IIoT and Data within various applications – Cyber security, process automation, transportation infrastructure, water management, renewable energy, and smart building automation

Dave Eifert, Senior Business Development Manager – IioT, Phoenix Contact
Guadalupe Chalas , Senior Product Marketing Data Specialist, Phoenix Contact
Michael Bowne, Executive Director, PI North America, PROFIBUS

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