New AR System Blasts Employee Training Programs Into the Digital Era

by Nicolette Emmino

Light Guide Systems, an in Industrial Augmented Reality (AR) technology company has revealed its new Light Guide TrainAR™ system. The new TrainAR system blasts training programs into the digital era, enabling fully interactive AR assisted training that can be deployed within hours of system setup.  Employees trained with TrainAR will be able to gain faster knowledge about new products or processes, retain information more effectively and make fewer errors in their first weeks on the job.

TrainAR™ Augmented Reality Training System

Built on the LightGuideAR™ software platform, TrainAR™ integrates a high-powered projector with 3D vision in a ruggedized structure fit for the factory floor or the training lab. The Light Guide TrainAR™ system projects a digital operating “canvas” onto virtually any work surface to provide audio and visual prompts and guidance, pacing and audio and visual confirmation. According to customer data acquired by Light Guide Systems, clients have seen quality improvements of 80 to 90% and cycle time reduction of 40 t 50%, and have documented system payback in just weeks by utilizing Light Guide Systems as a training tool.

The TrainAR™ system also comes pre-loaded with standard training routine templates, and a simple yet powerful programming interface that makes customizing these standard templates fast and simple. Just import pictures and videos into a desktop folder, drag and drop these visual display features onto the digital canvas, and you are ready to start training your workforce. The TrainAR™ system will also issue a digital “certificate of completion” once a user has successfully completed a given training program and the associated lesson test.

The Light Guide TrainAR™ system includes all required software and hardware, an easy to assemble training workstation, and pre-programmed configuration and calibration routines built right into the Windows PC included with the system. Users will be able to assemble and program the system within hours and be ready for high-impact training for new employees and work processes.

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