Mouser IoT

Smart Connected Lighting and the IoT

by Nicolette Emmino

The Internet of Things will enable hardwired and wireless systems to allow secured data to connect lighting systems through a coordinated and intelligent approach.

“A season of change is underway. The IoT is dawning today as a revolution in technology. Smart sensor technology and radio-frequency (RF) wireless connectivity have combined to produce new methods to sense and collect data and get it onto the Internet. IoT is enabling building automation utilized for industrial and personal (home) use. Automation within buildings and cities is taking advantage of human intelligence. Specifically, it is aiming to program electronic systems in a coordinated and integrated fashion to mimic or improve upon this human intelligence, thus providing an automated system with a level of smartness. In this case, smartness means the ability to meet and perform to an acceptable level of a desired aim or goal. The goal of these efforts is to produce more intelligent and robust systems, which will improve people’s living conditions while lowering costs and decreasing negative environmental impacts.”

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