ThruWave INSIGHT Offers Insight Into Supply Chain Issues

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ThruWave announces its quick-start program for operations in various industries. The INSIGHT solves such challenges as manufacturing disruptions, palletizing, outbound shipping, fulfillment, and fraud-related losses during reverse logistics by fully automating inspection.

INSIGHT is a standalone solution with no integration or connectivity to other platforms. It scans closed containers, creating 3D renders, which it then analyzes for anomalies, then collates the real-time data into analytic reports providing invaluable insight for process improvement.

Once countermeasures are in place, ThruWave can support the development of fully-automated closed-loop systems via CONNECT. CONNECT allows integration with down-and up-stream systems that take immediate action when anomalies are detected.

Image of ThruWave’s item count anomaly detection, counting bottles in a sealed case

ThruWaves’s systems are human safe, require no additional training, detect materials in addition to metal, and provide product context like condition, contraband, counts, and volume at speeds up to 600 ft/min.

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