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Toggle Raises $1.6 Million to Build SaaS Platform for Freight

by Carolyn Mathas

Toggle, Inc. just closed a 1.6-million-dollar seed round that enables it to build a SaaS logistics and digital freight platform. The logistics platform will deliver greater access to freight options for shippers, and increased profitability for carriers and drivers. The supply chain solution targets real-time data collection, AI, and blockchain technology applications.

Toggle is opening as a private beta in September for carriers, drivers, and shippers, the platform will provide real-time quotes, data-rich transparency to companies shipping freight, and anticipating and adjusting route plans to tighten arrival window accuracy. Greater efficiency means lower fuel costs, waste, and carbon emissions.

For drivers, the platform improves scheduling and payment processes. The software plans routes and makes precise logistical decisions in fractions of a second, for real-time transparency to freight location and granular data to understand and take control of their distribution plan.

For shippers and companies needing efficient freight support, Toggle is eradicating confusing pricing models, excessive costs, unclear shipping delays, and in some cases unfair pricing. For drivers and carriers, Toggle is addressing long-known industry challenges that result in payment delays, poorly planned routes, and difficult scheduling. The platform’s focus on logistics efficiency means more time actually driving, simultaneously decreasing overall time away from home

To get into the private beta, sign up at

Original Release: PR Newswire

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