A Tompkins Robotics innovation, xChange is combining a fully automated unit sortation capability with an autonomous container removal system. The combo reduces the cost and labor for distribution in fulfillment environments. A robot is used to remove completed order containers from a sortation process and places empty order containers in position.

Tompkins Robotics and IAM Robotics are together providing an original line of industrial robots to fulfill the vision of xChange based on IAM Robotics’ latest robot model, Atlas. Designed for high-demand throughput requirements, the solution enables companies to have a system that allows most orders to be sorted directly into an order container, automatically removing and replaces the container, fully automating the sortation/ order fulfillment exit process.

Tompkins Robotics now offers an end-to-end automation of the entire fulfillment operation from storage to packaging. In addition to cost, labor and space savings, Tompkins optimizes performance via greater capacity, improved accuracy, 24/7 operation, fastcycle times, and improved ROI.

Original release at: PR Newswire 

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